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Rummel Construction, Inc. is seeking graduates for our Construction Leadership Engineering Development Program, including Summer Internship Assignments. Building on the success of past and present graduates and interns, Rummel views this program as a key component to its long-term growth strategy. Graduates and interns will be given immediate challenges as they work directly in the field with our crews, supervisors, and management. They will receive mentoring from key members of the Operations and Management teams. There are also possible cross-functional assignments available in maintenance, equipment management, estimating, and/or safety depending on the interest of the individual and business needs of the company.

“When people ask why I chose civil construction as a career, I tell them that “the toys and the sandbox just got a little bigger.” Some of us are still just ‘kids-at-heart’. We are all in this business for one reason or another, but at the end of the day, you have to have a passion for people, and of course, equipment. The team at Rummel all have that passion.”

Leo Schlinger
Engineering Intern
Arizona State University

"Interning with Rummel has been one of the best decisions I’ve made to further my career in the construction industry. Their close-knit company has provided the necessary resources to grow my foundation of knowledge and gain the experience I need to succeed.”

Giovanni Meza
Estimating Intern
Junior at Arizona State University


Summer Internship for Project Engineer Development Program 

Qualified Candidates must be self-motivated, team players. Excellent math, problem-solving, and relationship management skills are essential.

Target Recruiting Group: Ideal internship period is between sophomore and junior or junior and senior years. Full-time regular positions are available for new and recent graduates with experience.

Areas of Responsibility: take-offs, scheduling, change orders, client relations, cost control analysis, project coordinating, submittals, and other engineering functions.


Internships: A minimum of 2 years satisfactorily completed coursework in Civil Engineering, Construction Management, or related field. Qualified candidates should have a basic understanding and knowledge of areas of responsibility for this position.

Full-Time, regular positions: Completion of degree program in Civil Engineering, Construction, or related field. Relevant experience is strongly preferred. Qualified candidates should have working knowledge and demonstrated skills in several of the areas of responsibility listed for this position.

Summer Internship for Grade Checker Trainee 

Qualified candidates must have excellent math and problem-solving skills.

Target Recruiting Group: Ideal summer field internship for students between freshman and sophomore or sophomore and junior years.

Areas of Responsibility: Works on the ground, boots-up jobs, directs equipment operations and ensures finish work is within plan tolerance.


1-2 Years of completed coursework in Construction Management, Civil Engineering, or related field. Completed coursework in reading/understanding plans is highly desired.

Rummel Construction, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Reasonable Accommodation Employer.
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