Energy Project

Allen Flats Wind Farm

Torch Energy Advisors
Rummel Construction, Inc.
December, 2013

Allen Flats Wind Farm is located in a rural area known as “Allen Flats” on state trust land, the wind project is the first of this magnitude in Cochise Coun­ty. Rummel Construction’s portion of the construction included grading of a three-mile access road, which was compacted and aggregate added to accommodate the large cranes and equip­ment brought onto the site. Rummel also excavated a quar­ter-million gallon pond (used for compacting the road, dust mit­igation, and other construction activities). This was a fast track project completed in record time, and when completed will ac­commodate 28 turbines that will produce up to 51-megawatts of power. Although the site sits on 5760 acres of state trust land, only 220 acres was cleared for the wind farm.