Flood Control Project

Copeland Detention Basins and Channel

Flagstaff, AZ
October 2015
Following the 2010 Schultz fire, rainfall events produced heavy runoff and flooding that impacted private property and threatened the safe operation and integrity of US 89. The fire drastically changed drainage patterns in the watershed areas that resulted in flooding and potential risk of flood damage to homes and infrastructure in the downstream vicinity. Runoff rates from heavy rain events exceeded the design capacity of the existing US 89 box culverts overtopping the highway. To alleviate the flooding, Rummel constructed the 81-acre site with a series of three sediment traps and two detention basins that will ultimately serve as a community recreation area. Additional work included a large box culvert, minor culverts, concrete lined channel, removal and replacement of gabions, installing new gabions, slope reshaping, grading, concrete curb/apron, guard rail, shoulder paving and rail banks.