Commercial / Industrial Project

Lofts at Hayden Ferry

Adolfson and Peterson
Tempe Town Lakes
February, 2016

The Lofts at Hayden Ferry are a 264 Unit multi-family project located on Rio Salado Parkway in Tempe, AZ. The project involves excavation and export of a basement to make way for construction of a condominium complex.  import and backfill of basement walls, and paving. Onsite excavation of 12,000 CY, 20,000 CY export, 25,000 CY of import/backfill, and soil nailing. The final project will consist of a four-story wood framed building on top of podium deck with 2 levels of below grade parking under podium deck. Site amenities include two Pools (one at grade, one at podium), Poolside BBQs, Courtyard, and Pedestrian Pathways at Green Belts. This excavation project involved a challenge that included working on a site that had no free space, which presented logistical challenges. The building footprint accounted for 80% of the site area, and there was also heavy congestion with neighboring construction projects.

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