Flood Control Project

Oak Creek Bank Protection, MP 385.11, SR89A

Rummel Construction, Inc.
July, 2015

Oak Creek Bank Protection project for ADOT was a flood water prevention project located just outside of Sedona, AZ. The project was designed to fortify and improve erosion protection along the eastern bank of Oak Creek, which had experienced erosion and roadway instability issues resulting from the Slide Fire. High water flows associated with monsoon and winter storms had contributed to a significant erosion of the roadway embankment and damaged a culvert in the project area. Because of a compromised watershed due to the fire, water flow in Oak Creek was expected to increase, which could further destabilize the east bank of Oak Creek and the roadway support. To protect SR 89A from further bank erosion, this project was necessary to fortify the location.

Rummel Construction began work in May 2015 in providing bank support improvements including repairing and reinforcing rock gabions, replacing concrete reinforcements, placing rock and cobble to enhance protection, and upgrading guardrails within the project area. Specific earthwork scope clear and grub, reshaping and grading, installation of 63 LF of rail bank protection, building and placement of 422 CY rip rap gabions, 200 LF guardrail (weathered steel), two terminal guardrails (flare type) and paving.