Flood Control Project

Reems Road Channel Upgrades

Flood Control District of Maricopa County
July, 2011

This project consisted of performing storm related damage repairs to the Reems Road Channel located near Surprise, Arizona. The scope of work includes excavation, grading, importing backfill and native backfill compacted to 95%, placement of riprap and filter fabric, placement of grouted riprap, placement of gravel mulch, construction of slurry and concrete cut-off walls, excavation of ditches, asphalt pavement, application of hydroseed, and replacement and relocation of smooth-wire fencing and gates. Major elements included 9,100 cubic yards of excavation, 800 cubic yards of structural excavation, 11,100 linear feet of ditch excavation, 3,500 cubic yards of rip rap placement, 3,100 cubic yards of grouted rip rap, 13,500 square yards of asphalt chip seal, and the placement of 1,950 cubic yards of concrete or CLSM cutoff walls.