Flood Control Project

White Tanks FRS#4 CMAR

Sundt/Rummel Joint Venture
Buckeye, AZ
June 2017
Choosing the CMAR delivery method kept the District from seeing its budget wash away during work on the White Tanks Flood Structure in Buckeye, Arizona. The work consists of grading contours intended for a future Buckeye Park and Sports Fields, widening and extending an existing flood structure and adding upgrades, including an architecturally enhanced auxiliary spillway, drop inlet structures and principal outlet structures. Numerous regulatory agencies including FCDMC, NRCS, USACE and ADWR were involved in the technical review of our work plan, practices, policies and procedures for construction; due to the multiple layers of review required, it served the project best to build a physical mock-up during preconstruction to allow all stakeholders to vet out issues prior to construction. The mock-up was instrumental in developing a precise work plan that was technically correct, had proven performance, and buy-in from all interested parties. This had the additional benefit of mitigating risk and supporting a GMP that was developed with a high degree of confidence.