Rummel Construction, Inc. has been providing general civil construction services to the Southwest since 1996. We are dedicated to delivering safe, innovative solutions to our clients by means of our experienced and committed management team. Rummel goes above and beyond expectations to cultivate a loyal, reliable partnership with its clients.

Rummel was founded on a strong set of core values and employs outstanding individuals who have the knowledge, integrity, and experience to not only deliver successful projects, but form long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

Key Personnel

Rummel is led by an executive team that is passionate about the business and committed to development and growth of the company with safety and quality as top priorities.


Chairman & COO Rod Rummel
President & CEO Rick Rummel
Executive Vice President Carlos Gonzalez
Vice President of Operations Jim Gremmert
Vice President Dodd O'Neill
Vice President George Ernst, III
Vice President Scott Lane
Vice President Jason Kahn
Vice President Eric Decker
Chief Financial Officer Betsey Chavez


HR Manager Vanessa Andersen
Safety Director Matthew Crosby
General Superintendent Barry Larson
General Superintendent Jason Crow
Sr. Equipment Superintendent Tom Magurany
Warehouse Manager & Water Distribution Manager Pete Woods
Director of Support Services Sean Saunders
Payroll Supervisor Jessica Ligon
Controller Amy Mae Crow
Creative Communications Director Janelle Neill-Thomas


CREATE OPPORTUNITIES through continued growth in the markets we serve and work in new applications that complement our assets.

Continuously IMPROVE management systems and financial performance.

Create and execute development and training programs to ensure QUALITY GROWTH in the future.



Our foundations for success are not an afterthought; they are simply the summation of the values of the people we have on our team that have contributed to our success.


Rummel's reputation for producing high-quality work leads to repeat customers. Our hands-on management approach assures quality and success.


We have built a reputation for customer service that drives our decision-making processes. Put into action, we act as customer advocates in delivering our construction processes and in making decisions from daily operations to corporate strategy.


We have put innovation into action by utilizing the latest technology in the earthmoving industry including Computer-Aided Design/3-D Modeling, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).


Teamwork and communication enable us to find the best solutions to problems through partnering. A combination of informal networking and structured communication, such as our safety, operations, and maintenance meetings, allow all of our employees to interact regularly.


Our employees are experienced problem solvers that are pleased to work with our customers to provide solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. Since 1996 Rummel maintains a “no job too small” attitude.