The Rummel Construction, Inc. Safety Program is successful because of its integration with our construction processes, continuous improvement methodology, and employee involvement. “Safe Production” is a rule that we live by as we believe that safety and production are not two separate processes but two essential elements of the same process where production is completed safely, on time, and on budget. This process starts with the decision on what work to bid through the final closeout. We utilize a combination of systems and behavioral approaches to ensure optimal results of safety outcomes.


2016 CSEA - 2nd Place


Voted Safest by EHS


A Million Safety Hours

Rummel’s Core Safety Principles

  1. The Safety and well being of our employees, those who work with us, and the communi-ties in which we work are of prime importance of Rummel Construction, Inc.
  2. All injuries and work-related illnesses are preventable.
  3. Through planning, training, and communication we can continuously improve our ability to prevent accidents and injuries.
  4. Management is committed to providing all necessary resources to ensure a safe work environment.
  5. Safety is the responsibility of every team member, and it's an essential element of quality, workmanship, and productivity.

Training & Communication

The training and communication portions of our safety program start with orientation and are continuous throughout the employment experience as a team member at Rummel Construction, Inc. When an individual is contingently hired pending the outcome of drug testing and background screening, they complete an office orientation that includes a review of the company’s general and safety rules, any government mandated training, and our company developed training on the specific hazards and safe work practices for their position. The next phase of the orientation takes place on the worksite and includes the application of the company’s safety rules on the site, an overview of jobsite specific hazards and safe work practices, and job specific training on safe work practices. Every team member, whether transferring from another site or new to the company, is assessed by on-site supervision to ensure that they receive the most appropriate training for their level. Entry-level candidates are partnered with a mentor and trainer to further develop safe production skills.

Following the orientation, training continues for all team members through a variety of methods. Our project supervision is the key training and communications channel to all team members. We first ensure all supervision is competent by providing our self-mandated OSHA-10 and annual updates, weekly incident updates, annual safety action planning and quarterly updates, and any project specific training needed. The weekly operations meeting, conducted by the company’s owners, for supervision covers safety incidents and allows us to brainstorm best practices to avoid future incidents by anticipating and planning to avoid hazards and to provide recognition of those that went “above and beyond” in safe work practices through our Safety Award Program.

Our supervision ensures that the rest of our team members receive safety related training and communication. Daily tailgate and weekly safety meetings are held to cover key messages, recent incidents, if any, lessons learned, reminders on company-wide safe work practices, jobsite specific safe work practices, safety awards, and also provides an opportunity for team members’ questions and feedback on any safety topics. Team members also receive training on jobsite or position specific safety topics such as MSHA, Flagger Training, OSHA-10 (required of all supervision), and training on specific job tasks.

Team Member Involvement

In addition to involvement through regular meetings, Rummel Construction utilizes cross-functional Safety Task Forces to take a fresh look at incidents and solutions. The group is provided incident trends and has an open discussion on these and concerns that they may have.

An example was the case of concerns about sprained ankles in the maintenance department. Team members working 2nd shift and during the evening were suffering sprained ankles. After hearing the concern about uneven ground when mechanics exited machines, a blade operator suggested that all line-up areas are be graded smooth at the end of shift to help avoid mechanic ankle sprains.

In addition to the Safety Task Force, Rummel Construction has formed the Safety Leadership team. The team includes Supervisors and the Safety Department. They conduct Safety Action Planning to analyze incident trends, recommend alternative solutions, and develop action items to pursue in order to eliminate incidents. This year the company decided to pursue and instituted a new Job Hazard Analysis Process, provided awareness training on behavioral based safety, and is developing a stretch-flex program to eliminate strain injuries. At Rummel Construction all team members have the authority to shut down work and contact supervision if they have a safety concern.

Safe Conditions and Behaviors

There are always challenges to safety in a number of forms most notably the urgent job. Our project supervision works with clients to ensure urgent requests for work allow time for proper planning of safety precautions such as Blue Stake/Safe Dig.

Evaluation and consequences are utilized to support supervision through a number of programs. Our Safety Department conducts safety inspections at all of our project sites. The inspections provide feedback and follow-up items, when applicable, that are agreed upon and completed. In addition, our Safety Awards Program provides a monetary bonus for team members that go “above and beyond” in recognizing and reporting hazards, training other team members on safety, responding to incidents, or otherwise exemplifying behaviors needed for an outstanding safety program. We review every incident to ensure that corrective action is utilized to help team members comply with safe work practices.

The Bottom Line

Many companies have all of these types of policies, programs, and systems in place. It is the integration of all of the elements of the program as well as other systems to hire and reward supervision and team members that bring it all together. Our Safety Program has consistently maintained favorable ratings while helping to minimize costly project disruptions.

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